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We Are Vicara
Vicara is an Immersive Technology company, pioneering in intuitive & immersive computing platforms.
We develop technology & Solutions that augment the capability of humans to work with their digital surroundings.

Vicara’s first product, the Kai, is a testament to this vision. The Kai is a gesture-based Natural User Interface, that allows you to communicate with your digital surroundings through simple gestures.

Founded in 2017, Vicara has grown to become a leader in immersive hardware. With a team of passionate  engineers, researchers, designers & creators that are committed to building the future of extended reality, there’s no problem that Vicara can not solve.
Adarsh Warrier
Co-Founder, CEO
Abhishek Satish
Co-Founder, CTO
Rakshith Ravi
VP Of Engineering
Manan Barjatya
Chief Financial Officer
Gowtham TS
Senior Firmware Engineer
Aditi Shah
Business Development Executive
Manjushree Jain
HR & Finance
Mahima Sanghvi
Product Designer
Arjun VC
Software Developer
Ashish Oli
Software Developer
Kavin Raj K R
Software Developer
Meet Jayesh Shah
Firmware Engineer
Zishan Khan
Business Operations Executive
Abeneth Ramachandran
Senior Project Management Associate
Life At Vicara.
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