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We Are Vicara
Vicara is an Immersive Technology company, pioneering in intuitive & immersive computing platforms.
We develop technology & Solutions that augment the capability of humans to work with their digital surroundings.

Vicara’s first product, the Kai, is a testament to this vision. The Kai is a gesture-based Natural User Interface, that allows you to communicate with your digital surroundings through simple gestures.

Founded in 2017, Vicara has grown to become a leader in immersive hardware. With a team of passionate  engineers, researchers, designers & creators that are committed to building the future of extended reality, there’s no problem that Vicara can not solve.
Adarsh Warrier
Co-Founder, CEO
Abhishek Satish
Co-Founder, CTO
Rakshith Ravi
VP Of Engineering
Manan Barjatya
Chief Financial Officer
Anupama Nair
Head of Marketing
Manasva Bhargava
Content Designer
Gowtham TS
Firmware Engineer
Sanskar Biswal
Firmware Engineer
Adityaraj Bhatt
Business Development Executive
Aditi Shah
Business Development Executive
Manjeet Arneja
Software Developer
Aniket Jain
Software Developer
Adityaraj Bhatt
Business Development Executive
Life At Vicara.
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