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Vicara is an Immersive Technology company, pioneering in intuitive & immersive computing platforms. We develop technology & Solutions that augment the capability of humans to work with their digital surroundings. Find new avenues with gesture & motion data tracking & analysis powered by advanced machine learning.

What we do

Our Vision

We strive to reduce time-to-market for  solutions utilising motion & gesture tracking by either augmenting existing devices or engineering new solutions. In a nutshell, we aim for a completely immersive physical and digital experience.


Smartboards have become almost synonymous with training sessions. We use smartboards to project multimedia & other files that can help guide trainees in the process.Replacing the existing touch gestures can bring about an ease in both teaching & learning. Teachers & trainers are now free to move away from the board & interact with trainees as they speak. Avoiding the use of touchscreens also means that the board will remain visible to everyone in the room at all times.


An integration we had recently developed for a business that has service centers with scores of employees working simultaneously, involves the use of motion recognition bands. By asking the service center employees to wear these bands, we were able to successfully measure the total time spent doing productive work Vs the time spent being unproductive. We were also able to measure the granural efficiency of each individual technician. The data is then presented to the management team through a dashboard alongside additional information that is derived from the data .


An independent study showed that 50% of the audience preferred to learn by doing or through Kinesthetic learning. And almost 100% of the sample set agreed that a combination of auditory, visual & kinesthtic experiences would improve their learning.

By enabling the use of natural gesture-based interactions, we would speed up the time taken to adapt to virtual environments, not to mention adding a layer of immersion.

True immersion can be achieved only by enabling interactions that resemble natural life. From buttons to gestures, we move to reality in the virtual environment.

gesture control for vr

Smart Homes

Home automation & the Internet of Things have become the common man's "magic". With IOT enabled devices in nearly every home, intergating them all together has never been more important.

The average person would have invested in three or four different IOT devices for his home & most of them would be on different platforms. Therefore, there exists no unifying platform that can be used to control all of them.

Multiple apps within a phone, scores of remotes or cameras in your living room are the only solutions..

3D Design

The ability to interact with the 3-Dimensional objects you create, using your hands, as you would in really life, give you a more wholesome expereince where you can easily manipulate the object in three dimensions & thus identify any pain points that require a redesign.  

Interactions in softwares such as CAD are largely improved by making traversal & visualization more intuitive.


By placing our small & non-obstructive hardware device onto the racquets & bats of prominent players within tennis, badminton, cricket, hockey & baseball, you could identify the difference in their movements compared to those of people who are just learning to play. The information can later be used to better train upcoming sports-persons & equip them with the best moves in practice.

Ensuring the complete fitness & well-being of all employees can now be just a click away with large-scale fitness band implementations. Additionally, you can add in features to improve productivity, tags for entry & access to various company locations, benefit redemption at cafeterias & vending machines and so on.

Fall Detection

By placing our small & non-obstructive hardware device onto helmets, bikes & motorbikes, you can create tailor-made or ready-to-use solutions for fall & crash detection & alert systems.

Once the module detects a fall, an alert is sent to the accompanying mobile application which then shoots out emergency messages to the nearest hospital & your emergency contacts.


A system that allows its users  to place commonly required care requests such as requesting water, calling for help, requesting food, or calling for help to get to the washroom & so on. All this through simple & non-intensive motions of the hand or fingers.

Physiotherapy through Virutal Reality where the entire hand is mirrored into the virtual world, can allow patients to escape into a reality where they are apply to carry out regular tasks despite any disability of the hands. The positive reinforcement involved, accelerates the recovery time through physiotherapy.

Our Products

Kai Gesture Controller

Eli Presentation Controller

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