If you’re just getting started with the Kai, you will need both the applications to set the wheels in motion. You could take a look at our blog, “Getting Started with Kai”, to know more.
Updater App
The Kai Updater app, available for both Android & iOS, helps you set up your Kai. The updater app flashes the latest firmware onto your Kai, giving it all the new features. When you’re just getting started, you’ll need to update your Kai before it’s ready to use. This app is also where you’ll receive all future updates for your Kai.
Android 4.4 onwards
iOS 7 onwards & ipadOS
Blog: Getting Started With Kai
If you need help with the updater app & getting your Kai up & running, you could read our blog. It’s pretty easy from there!
Control Center
The Control Center is your Kai’s best friend. The Control Center, available for both Windows & MacOS, lets you customize gestures. You can pick gestures, assign them to actions & turn pretty much any computer application into a gesture controlled application. The interface makes this process easy & quick so you can get the best  out of your Kai.
WIn 7 onwards (x69)
High Sierra Onwards
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