Fall Detection &
Accident Alert System
The 201st report of the Law Commission of India stated that 50% of road accident victims could be saved if they were given timely medical attention.
How It Works
Module is fitted on helmet, wrist bands or vehicles
Module senses motion, identifies crashes or falls
Alert sent to Mobile Application
Alert  forwarded to emergency contacts &  services
Help arrives on time without any delays in transmission
The VME can facilitate accurate & responsive fall detecting & crash sensing through IMU sensors. The VME can be packaged into compact hardware add-ons that you can place within helmets or motorcycles before or after manufacturing. The VME senses crashes or falls & triggers an alert system which then triggers messages to Emergency services & your family & friends, ensuring you get the help you need, on time.
How It Can Work For You
The fall detection module can either be custom-made for new helmets or vehicles or, it can be retrofitted into existing products to add on a layer of safety.

The module itself is small & easily concelead. It can accurately detect falls or crashes & can find itself useful on the road, in factory floors & also within the healthcare system.

Through motion enabled wristbands or hard hats,  safety can be ensured without the need for manual monitoring.
The system ensure that no matter what the integration, help is found on time.

Case Study

A fall detection solution utilising the Vicara Motion Engine was delivered to one of India's leading Helmet manufacturers.

The module was capable of detecting high impact events, as well as falls. The compact & removable module could be easily placed within helmets both at the time of manufacture & after.

Once a crash is detected, the module sends an alert to the mobile application accompanying it. The application subsequently sends our emergency messages to pre-specified emergency contacts, alerting both emergency services & the friends or family. The alerts are sent out after a 30 second window within which a user may cancel the alert.

This integration has allowed for added safety features to the helmets, ensuring the safety of riders & promoting safe driving habits.

The addition of the VME reduced the time-to-market to less than 2 months. It also delivered great performance at extremely competitive prices.

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