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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Kai a replacement for a keyboard/mouse?
Kai isn’t meant to replace a keyboard or a mouse but to augment them. Kai’s design allows you to work on keyboard or mouse easily while wearing Kai. Kai allows you to perform certain actions intuitively which are painstakingly time-consuming on other interaction devices.
Q. Is Kai comfortable for extended usage?
Yes! We created the Kai to be mindful of a professional working environment, where a person is seated in front of a workstation/laptop. As Kai doesn’t rely on a camera, the person can keep his hand in a comfortable position (Eg armrest) and perform gestures with intuitive short movements accurately.
Q. Does Kai come with a camera to track gestures?
No, Kai doesn’t need an external camera to detect the gestures. Kai is designed in a smart way which allows it to track hand as well as finger movements in the device itself. Thus, Kai is a standalone device and is very versatile and portable.
Q. How is this better than camera-based gesture recognition?
By not using camera we solve the following problems

Range - the need to keep your arms where visible
Environment sensitivity - lighting conditions effect on image recognition
Processing Overhead - Image recognition involves significant processing power and this requires additional hardware.
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