Maintenance, Repair & Operations Platform
2.5x faster
How productive are people at work?
A recent study showed that among the technicians surveyed, the most productive technicians are found to be 2.5 times faster than average.
How It Works
Tackers fitted on maintenance tools such as wrenches, jacks, etc
Trackers are equipped with motion technology & powered by machine learning
Battery life of up to 6 months ensures seamless tracking & reporting
Data collected by trackers are sent live to the dashboard for analysis
Client visualises data & insights using the dashboard
The tracker makes use of motion data collected from the sensors to derive insight on the amount of time spent on efficient work. It also checks to ensure that the work is in compliance with service standards.

It lets admins compare work done against the ideal standards and then make business decisions based on the data.
This data acts as a guide that helps you channel your focus into training or re-training employees to perform tasks in the most efficient manner.
The Dashboard & How It Works
Take a look at every action an employee completes during the day & understand the granular aspects involved in each activity that  s/he may have taken up.

Look at the efficiency, the time taken & a comparison between their actions & the industry standard. Managers can then use the data to create custom training modules to boost the efficiency of the employees by targeting the activities that show  drops.

Help employees change their weaknesses into strengths!

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Read the case study on its execution
This project was executed for Maruti Suzuki in India, across several of its service centers.