Fall Detection
July 25, 2022

Project Scope:

The Arkema group was created in October 2004, following the reorganization of Total’s Chemicals branch. Thanks to innovation, targeted acquisitions and investments in emerging countries, it has become a recognized world player in the field of specialty chemicals.


Arkema's manufacturing facility, situated over a large expanse, had a footfall of thousands of factory-employees, working on the shop floor, throughout the day. These workers were not allowed mobile phones on the shop-floor due to security reasons. This made identifying, reporting, and managing falls and emergencies on the shop-floor, near impossible.

Proposed Solution:

Vicara proposed the development of a motion analysis module. The module was small in size and could be retrofitted into standard hard-hats that were already in use in the factory. The module would handle fall-detection, emergency handling, and more.

Client Integration Process:

The Vicara Motion Engine is capable of detecting falls or crashes, whether integrated into helmets. The ability to seek help without explicitly requesting it, can ensure that help arrives no matter what the situation.

  • Added level of safety
  • Ensure Timely Help even if unconscious
  • Can be used without mobile phones
  • Option to turn alert off incase of incorrect trigger


Vicara built a system that could easily be implemented within the factory since it was built to fit existing hard-hats. The solution was able to accurately identify falls or crashes and then report incidents to management and safety officers.

Unique Value Proposition:

Vicara’s one-of-a-kind solution could be implemented immediately, effectively, without hindering privacy protocols.

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