Smart Remote &
 Smart Mouse
Modern day telivison sets have got it all. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Audiobooks, Music, Games, and so much more.  Perfect right? Well, not exactly. The typing experience on TV sets are far from comfortable. It takes a whole minute to spell out just one word, moving through the keyboard click-by-click.It poses such a hurdle that most people choose to invest in Bluetooth keyboards just to type occasionally on their TVs.
How It Works
The motion engine is added to existing remotes or new ones
Module senses motion, identifies gestures & swipes
The gestures are processed on-board
The processed commands are sent to the device
The remote can also be used as a mouse with point-and-click functionality
The VME can power gesture & motion based "smart remotes" that can enable swipe to type & multiple other gesture-based controls to switch channels, turn up the volumes & so on. What's more? Gaming on your television set gets taken up a notch. You don't need a console with a gesture-controller anymore. Enjoy immersive gaming right on your TV using the remote right out of the box.
How It Can Work For You

The module itself processes all gestures & motions on-board & does not require external computational assistance. The motion sensing module & its gesture recognition capabilities can be added to remotes with ease, irrespective of their size.

For smart televisions that provide options for games, the remote can also function as a motion controller, bringing immersive gaming into every living room.

The integration of this module into remotes is a quick process that can get your product market-ready at a faster pace.

Case Study

In an on-going project, the VME is being placed within remotes of India's largest set-top box providers. The remotes will bring about a wave of change in the way we interact with our Television sets.

The remotes will now be capable of motion based pointer control, gesture based UI control, motion based typing, gesture-based application control, motion-based gaming, etc

VME reduces time-to-market for Smart TV remote solutions. It allows better controls & delivers great performance at competitive prices. It also reduces the time taken to add gesture-based controls on smaller devices.

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