Air Mouse

Air Mouse For Intuitive Control

The VME is capable of using motion recognition to identify & provide mouse co-ordinates. This opens up possibilities for more immersive & intuitive mouse control through air-mouse interfaces.

Air mouse is the future of interface control. From keyboards, to the mouse, to touch interfaces & now, touches control through air-mouse. The Air-mouse finds itself an integral part of daily prodcutivity in several environments; specifically those that require the collaboration of multiple people on one interactive digital surface. It also ensures accessibility by allowing users that may not be able to use the generic mouse, to easily control digital interfaces by moving they hands in the air. It can also be used to add mouse-controls or gesture control for presentations & interactive meetings.

Case Study

The VME was the foundation of our Eli Presentation Controller. The controller is capable of gesture-recognition & air-mouse controls all in a 110mm X 35mm X 8mm casing. The controller was capable of performing presise actions like changing slides or applications, playing videos & so on.

The controllers were placed within an ideation & interaction room surrounded by smart boards at a large Multi-national professional services company. They allowed multiple users to interact with the boards directly & simultaneously without disrupting others. The Controllers are small, light & easy to use. Switching over to this new interface required little to no learning time. it also made the meeting more interactive & kept the audience engaged & enthralled throughout.

The VME reduces time-to-market for gesture recognition solutions. It also enables intuitive controls without the hassle of deep development, long development time-lines & steep learning curves.

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