Fall Detection Or Crash Sensing

Fall & Crash Detection using VME

A removable module built on Bluetooth Low Energy that can detect crashes or high-impact events. The module work in conjunction with a Mobile Application that sets off alerts to emergency contacts.

The Vicara Motion Engine is capable of detecting falls or crashes, whether integrated into rider helmets, bikes, arm bands or pendants for the elderly. The ability to seek help without explicitly requesting it, can ensure that help arrives no matter what the situation.

  • Added level of safety
  • Ensure Timely Help even if unconscious
  • Can be used to monitor the elderly & ensure their safety
  • Option to turn alert off incase of incorrect trigger

Case Study

A fall detection solution utilising the Vicara Motion Engine was delivered to one of India's leading Helmet manufacturers.

The module was capable of detecting high impact events, as well as falls. The compact & removable module could be easily placed within helmets both at the time of manufacture & after.

Once a crash is detected, the module sends an alert to the mobile application accompanying it. The application subsequently sends our emergency messages to pre-specified emergency contacts, alerting both emergency services & the friends or family. The alerts are sent out after a 30 second window within which a user may cancel the alert.

This integration has allowed for added safety features to the helmets, ensuring the safety of riders & promoting safe driving habits.

The addition of the VME reduced the time-to-market to less than 2 months. It also delivered great performance at extremely competitive prices.

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