Smart Remote

Smart Mouse Interfaces

The VME can be easily placed within remotes that have small form factors & enable better control & an improved user experience for Smart Televisions.

Smart remotes with gesture control can take away the one pain-point that every smart TV owner has; Typing on the Television. Swipe to type, now on your TV. Just wave your remote around like a magic wand and you're done.

Case Study

In an on-going project, the VME is being placed within remotes of India's largest set-top box providers. The remotes will bring about a wave of change in the way we interact with our Television sets.

The remotes will now be capable of motion based pointer control, gesture based UI control, motion based typing, gesture-based application control, motion-based gaming, etc

VME reduces time-to-market for Smart TV remote solutions. It allows better controls & delivers great performance at competitive prices. It also reduces the time taken to add gesture-based controls on smaller devices.

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