Virtual & Augmented Reality

Gesture Control In Mixed Reality

The VME allows you to create truly immersive experiences within the realms of Augmented & Virtual Reality by allowing you to accurately recreate the movements of your hand & fingers within these virtual worlds.

Can Mixed Reality experiences be truly immersive until we can react & interact with them naturally? In a bid to bridge the gap between un-intuitive button-based controls & immersive gesture controls for AR or VR, the VME allows you to create precise hand tracking for your headsets & games.

Case Study

In collaboration with French Industrial Augmented Reality Solutions Provider, Vicara developed a intuitive hand-motion based interface for AR glasses.

The glasses were limited by their battery capacity & therefore could not make use of camera-based solutions. However, they were required to move to a more intuitive & easy-to-use interface owing to industrial settings. The Kai controller, built on the VME was used to achieve the same.

Fully-featured gesture/ motion recognition capabilities were achieved, including but not limited to, panning, pinch to zoom, navigation, etc. This was achieved with minimal impact to battery life. Additionally, minimal processing power was required to enable these gestures.

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