The Future Of Digital Interaction

Smart. Sleek. Intuitive. The KAI helps you control your devices by tracking your hand gestures and translating them into digital interactions.

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With a long battery life and low processing overhead the KAI is ideal for a person on the go. Its sleek and light-weight body make it an ideal addition to your everyday ensemble.

Gesture recognition

Intuitively tracking your hand movements and translating them into digital interactions, it does what any pointing device does but just by moving your hand.


If your aspirations are limitless, then why should KAI hold you back? KAI is completely customisable. With the KAI you can make sure the gestures you like do the tasks you want.


The KAI was designed to make you more productive in whatever you do. It works with a variety of different applications. It can connect with any device which has Bluetooth 5.0.

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